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'at's right pardnerz, Laugh Foundation takes these laughing matters quite seriously. In these days of the ever-descending wild, wild west — as Arab Springs rise and flail, as capitalist economies continue to rupture and crumbleLaugh Foundation challenges you to challenge us to a full out laughShowdown at high noon!

Let's do it spaghetti western-style, aight? You tweet us up a nice lil' laughShowdown challenge and we'll meet up in the street and settle these matters mano a mano, know what I'm sayin' lil' cowgirlz 'n' 'boyz? It's a shoot 'em up public nightmare laughfest to show who's gonna hit 'em up with the ha has until there's only one dusty laughstr left standin'. So, whaddaya say, eh?

i challenge you to a laughShowdown!


Come join us on Wednesday, June 6th 2012 as Laugh Foundation stops by Somerville's Arts at the Armory to put on a laugh performance or 2 at Wiretap Wednesday.

Every first Wednesday of the month Sophia Cacciola and Michael J Epstein of Boston's Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling graciously host and video document this unique open mike event in the café at The Armory. This month features the retrofolkish and controversial music stylings of Faulke Yue. More details about Wiretap Wednesdays are up here on the official Wiretap Facebook Event Page.

Check out more about DNFMOMD here.

Also see the official Wiretap Wendesday footage of Laugh Foundation at The Armory :]

We've also recently pinned a smallish collection of people laughing up here on Pinterest — we hope you enjoy :]


Laugh in an elevator :] — laughUp! captures our pre-performance 'practice' prior to our appearance at provocative.objects whereby we use the found stageSpace and captive audience in a public elevator to experiment with pure laugh energy to see what sort of social effects we can create in the crowd. Check out the footage, let us know if it makes you laugh, too, or at least crack a smile.


Deb Mascara and lou suSi
Laugh Foundation
performing laughStream 2.0
mixed-media score for laughter

from Friday January 15, 2010
Works In Progress @Mobius
curated by MAGs: Joanne Rice, Margaret Bellafiore, Jed Speare


Laugh Foundation set up an introductory Facebook group component for a very special long-term project called [: The Laugh Observation Library :]

Please join us and contribute a laugh or 2. We're looking for video and audio laugh submissions of all shapes and sizes. Check in often to see the latest posts. We'll also promote laughter with special contests and offers.

Laughter is fundamental.


On Friday, January 15, Laugh Foundation will present the first installment of laughStream 2.0 as part of The Mobius Works in Progress series this Winter in Boston.

We laugh for many reasons. Laugh Foundation’s mixed-media score for laughter, laughStream 2.0, explores the psychology of laughter through live performance and pre-recorded media accompaniment. Through the volume, timbre, texture and delivery of laughter, performers will emotionally lead the audience through 5 short 2-minute laugh movements. Although we aim to take advantage of the contagious nature of laughter during certain passages, this first installment of laughStream 2.0 focuses mostly on the social dynamics of laughter and how the nature of laughter changes depending on laugh source and target. Laugh Foundation seeks to ultimately free laughter from any harmful direct associations with ‘humor’ and treat the medium as an expressive independent musical-language system.

The first installment of laughtStream 2.0 features the live laughter performances of Deb Mascara { Sitar Tabla Power, Radio Pü, Clyve & the management and Group of 9 } and lou suSi { Group of 9, Gasohol and Hot Sects } as well as the audio backdrop pre-recordings of FeatureCreep.

For more information on the first installment of laughStream 2.0, visit the official Mobius website or sign up at the official Facebook event invitation.

Ha ha!